by fornever



Fornever's Christmas EP for 2015!


released December 12, 2015



all rights reserved


Silber Records Sanford, North Carolina

Silber has been getting drone, experimental, & other fiercely independent music out to the masses since 1996.

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Track Name: a million things
hypnotic blinking reflected in your eyes
shining color in a world bathed in white
Payolas playing on the radio
there's a warmth beneath the blinding snow

and there's a hole
under the christmas tree
didn't get all I wanted
but I've got what I need

some people want, all that they see
that doesn't matter to me, to me
some people need, a million things
that doesn't matter to me, to me

and there's a hole
under the christmas tree
didn't get all I wanted
but I've got what I need
Track Name: estrellita
little star
guide us home
leave our hearts wide open
when our eyes are closed

so we walk mountain to mountain
and stumble in between
leaving trails of sand
to show us where we've been
progress without movement
a light between the trees
the land, it feeds the roots
and flows into the leaves
Track Name: winter falls again
living through osmosis
a future left to fate
a clever diagnosis
turning second rate

christmas comes too early
and new years comes too late
and so the hardened crumbs
fall broken on my plate

she likes to pick up pieces
she moves on a stage
she believes in freedom
glorious and caged

roses bring desire
like words can breed decay
subconscious chain reaction
like morning turns to day

winter falls again
winter falls again

just take the mistletoe
and hang it over my head
I'll hold you in my arms
and paint the world red

hold me in the fire
until the embers spark
hands held by a wire
bound across my heart

winter falls again
winter falls again
winter falls again
winter falls again
Track Name: peace
I stand out in the cold
beneath a silent night
with something that eludes me
I try to hold on tight

as I tumble further
down a slippery slope
the joy on children's faces
sometimes gives me hope

so I reach out further
try to touch the stars
snowflakes on my face
melting on my arms

I breath the chilly air
I push out and release
all the stress that binds me
and inside I find peace
Track Name: lights
lights in the windows
fire in its place
ribbons and razors, sharp as tongues
covered in lace

holiday wrapping
lined up and sewn
then torn apart to find a dream
to call your own

I find you with arms wide open, arms wide open
I feel you move under my skin
open my heart and I'm left hoping, I'm left holding
onto a fading song held on the wind

refuge from winter
warm by the fire
the lights start to blur into a fog
weary and tired

I lie down to sleep
embracing the night
candy sweet with fever dreams
I close my eyes